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1. Why can't the number set in the "Views" be completed?

"Views" is the estimated number of views of the video per day, but the actual performance depends on the duration of the user's Chrome browser online and the completed quality of the task.

2. Does it need to keep the Chrome browser running?

Yes, you must keep the Chrome browser running and the task management page open at all times so that the YouTube bot can work normally and videos can be played properly.

3. How many bots can be run under the same IP?

Currently, 3 bots can be run under the same IP.

4. Why is the actual number of views inconsistent with the number of views displayed on this site?

The views of many video sites like YouTube are usually not updated in real time, which requires statistical analysis and will be updated later. In addition, video sites usually have anti-cheating rules, which may filter suspicious views, resulting in the actual number of views being lower than the number of views displayed on this site.

5. Why cannot some video links be added?

For the sake of security and unified control, only video sites supported by the platform can be added. Please refer to the list of supported video sites on the task management page for more details.

6. How to apply for adding a website to the list of video sites supported by the platform?

Only video websites with a certain influence are supported on the platform. If you want to add a new website that is not currently supported by the platform, please send the link of the video website to the designated e-mail box, and the administrator will decide whether to add the website through review.


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